Food Courts. Corrected.

You have been experiencing Food Courts all wrong.

Scouting to find the right restaurants to order from, waiting in multiple queues, making multiple payments, it has all been wrong.

Say good-bye to the queues.

Order straight from your phone.

No more multiple transactions.

Order from multiple restaurants with a single checkout.

Stand out from the Crowd.

Collect your order from a counter cleared just for you.

Your Trays are your new playlists.

Like, save and share your creatively assembled trays. And try out what your friends like.

Explore more, with A.I. powered combos

Smart suggestions for cross-restaurant combinations.

Collaborate and Order together, in real-time.

Get all what your friends and family want, in one place.

Sign up your Food Court with us, and book at the lowest costs.

The Future of Food Courts begins here.